Team Profiles: Swimming and Diving

Harry Song, Campus Reporter

To maintain and exercise the students’ sportsmanship, the Athletic Department has cooperated with other schools that have shown the same dedication and commitment to preventing COVID-19 to have interscholastic games this winter. 

At the most recent swimming and diving meets, which Oscar Wang ‘22 considered a success, the team’s morale was raised: “It’s just really nice, you know, to actually feel that we are on the same team, and we are working toward the same goal. In the end, I didn’t even care if we won. I was just overjoyed by the camaraderie.” 

Deandreya Dawiczyk ‘22 also raved about the swim practices. “It’s pretty fun, especially the relays. I can really feel my abs coming out,” they say with a characteristic waggish smile. “It’s just sad that this season is kinda truncated.”

The swim teams competed alongside the diving. Junsung Lee ‘22 commented on their team’s stunning performance, “We all did great. We were stoked that we finally got a meet with another school. I am also very glad that we have many new divers this year. The practices now really focus on getting ourselves better, just as they did before. But they are more fun. Just because there are more people.” 

Ben Lowy ‘24, a new member of the team, confirmed Junsung’s positive opinion: “Yeah, it’s mad fun. I have come to enjoy the feeling of my body crashing onto the water surface. I don’t regret that I joined the team.” Cornelia Ewy ‘22, a new junior, jumped when talking about the sport: “It is so much fun. Everyone should join.”

Short indeed. Athletes are working hard and cherishing the time they have left for their beloved sports. We are prepared for whatever challenge the pandemic might present and future athletic engagements. Go, Lions!