Back into the classroom (and the court, pool, rink….) at last!

Back into the classroom in Foley

Nicole Chan, Campus Reporter

After two weeks of strict quarantining upon our return to campus — a period of time that was lengthened by a poorly-timed major snowstorm — Kent School finally made the transition back to in-classroom learning on February 15th.

Mr. Hunt of the English Department says he “loves having students back in the classroom.” Even though everyone is wearing a mask, “it’s closer to the way things used to be.” He missed being physically present together, and “the sensuousness of the physical classroom: the sunlight streaming through the windows in Foley 105, the sounds of the birds in the morning, the feel of paper in my hands as I hand back, rather than send, graded assignments. The longer the pandemic sticks around the more nostalgic I feel for the little things I once took for granted.” Harry Song ’22 also expressed his excitement, saying he’s “grateful to resume back to a somewhat normal routine.” 

Not only do students get to attend classes in their classrooms, but the easing of restrictions has also allowed them to resume their normal routine inside the Kent bubble. In contrast to staying in one’s room, students are now able to roam around campus, use the gym and library, visit dorms, eat at the dining hall, and generally move more at their own leisure. 

The easing of restrictions and the return of in-person learning could not have been achieved without the Health Center’s commitment and hard work. Aay-Janae Taylor ‘21 expresses her gratitude, saying she is “appreciative of how hard the Health Center works because (she) gets to spend time with (her) friends and the Kent community as a whole.” Aay-Janae also adds she’s excited that the seniors “might get prom and graduation” in this unprecedented time. With much at stake for the seniors, and for us all, it is imperative that the entire school continues to act in accordance to covid policies, ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy our time on campus.