Athlete Profile: Helen Deretchin

Crosby Brown

Helen Deretchin ‘21, first picked up her field hockey stick in the third grade and has yet to put it down. Helen set foot on the Kent Campus as a new fifth-former in 2019 and has definitely made her mark both on the varsity field hockey team and the Kent community. Not only is Helen a tremendous field hockey midfield and defensive player, but she’s also a kind and genuine person. 

It was a natural progression for Helen to adapt to the leadership role of a co-captain in her senior year. She was elected by her fellow teammates, who naturally gravitate towards her infectiously positive attitude. Varsity field hockey Coach Mrs. Duncan described Helen as, “the glue that holds the team together” and “an immediate leader.” Helen has a very positive presence both on and off the field. 

The rich history of the Kent field hockey team is very important to Helen. Specifically, the team has a cheer that has been used before every game and has lasted over 20 years. The seniors guide the underformers in the cheer which represents an echo of responsibility between both parties. 

Kent has stressed the importance of becoming as well-rounded as possible and, to Helen, that means balancing both athletics and academics. She has learned to manage her time successfully and try not to be limited to certain things. In her senior year at Kent, Helen is able to manage her time by taking mental breaks through walking around the beautiful Kent campus to regenerate and relax. 

Looking into the future, Helen is committed to the application process for Wesleyan University. Coach Duncan attended Wesleyan University herself and said, “Helen will thrive at the competitive league of NESCAC.” Although Helen is excited about her future, she will miss the scenery of south fields and Mount Algo. Her coaches have made a great impact on her with their constant support and encouragement; they work hard while having fun together.