Faculty Profile: Mr. Houston

Ella Crawford, Campus Reporter

Mr. Houston is a former student and past dean who has taught at Kent for thirty-six years. He now teaches AP Biology, Honors Biology, and Pandemics. When asked about his favorite part of Kent, he describes how the school helps all kinds of students to be successful. He says, “we have teachers here who can be exciting and dynamic,” and that helps students fulfill their potential.

Houston also explains that he teaches to keep his classes interesting and relatable. His goal is that his science classes excite students, and hopefully inspire them to take more science courses in the future or work in the sciences later in life.

While Houston keeps his students engaged in his class, he says “the most challenging part of teaching is making everything interesting even when the material is not interesting.” He states that “being able to give examples and analogies where you bring real life to the subject” is his favorite part of teaching.

Mr. Houston is not only an outstanding teacher but also a phenomenal coach for crew. Houston describes being a coach as “very rewarding,” especially when he watches new rowers making their way to first boat and then proceeding to row in college. He enjoys crew because it is a sport where you can make friendships that last a lifetime.

When asked about his favorite Kent memories, he responds with, “what’s my favorite memory, well, there’s too many… I don’t have a favorite.” Mr. Houston is a teacher and coach to whom many students look up , and he also has a strong love for Kent and a passion for his work.