Boys Varsity Basketball Makes Strides


Richie Kendall, Campus Reporter

The Kent boys varsity basketball team has put forth a valiant effort this season. Led by coaches Lee and Callenberger, the boys have received excellent instruction.

However, despite an abundance of talent on the team, this year has been a rebuilding season for Kent. The team did see some progress from the previous two years, racking up a couple of wins. Coach Callenberger mentions that the team has made “marked improvements in its competitive level.”

One of the highlights of the season was Kent’s decisive victory over Suffield Academy. Suffield is one of the best teams in New England this year, and senior co-captain Hayden Smith ’20 described the game as a “huge moral victory” for all the members of the squad. The boys were able to ride the momentum from that win into their next game, where they handily defeated Berkshire 62-44. Post-graduate Izaiah Delbrune-Robinson ’20 emerged as the standout player of the year, consistently leading the team in scoring.

“This team has a lot to look forward to in the future,” Smith says. He stated that junior guard Jacob Daly ’21 and sophomore forward Thomas McCluskey ’22 “will be leading the charge next year.” Hopefully, due to their improved standing this season, the team will be able to recruit even more talent and surround the returning players with the continuing support they need to succeed in such a competitive league.