Artist Profile: Sally Yu


Yu’s digital work

Cherim Kang

Sally Yu ’20 started her journey as an artist when she was in middle school and has been dedicated to her craft ever since. Currently, her preferred medium is acrylic paints and pastels, but she has also worked with photography, sculpture, and ceramics too. She explains that she “was always attracted to crafting and painting and wanted to pursue that passion.”

With this drive and her talent that she has honed as an artist, Yu chose to send her artwork to the Scholastic Art Award competition, which is open to students enrolled in any public or private high school in the state of Connecticut. She presented Casino: Odds of Winning, a digital piece portraying the different odds of winning casino games. Yu says, “This piece was a very special piece for me because it will be one of the last works that I am going to submit as a Kent School student.” Her piece ultimately won the silver key for the Scholastic Art Award competition.

When asked if being at Kent has helped her grow as an artist, Yu responds, “Without all the support and help from the art faculty, especially Ms. Brody, I would not have been able to achieve what I have so far.” In the end, she says, “I want to thank Kent for being such a supportive foundation for me to grow as an artist.”

Yu is planning to further pursue art at Cornell University this upcoming Fall. She will be enrolling in the College of Art, Architecture, and Photography, majoring in Fine Arts. She says, “I am very excited to continue my passion at Cornell and excited to represent Kent School at Cornell, too.”