Athlete Profile: Jana Safy


Lia Fadiman, Campus Reporter

When the Kent girls varsity squash team comes to mind, the first student many think of is Jana Safy ’21. Hailing from Egypt, Safy is an exceptional student, an impressive athlete, and a thoughtful classmate. After two undefeated seasons, and with only one loss this season, Safy exemplifies hard work and athletic success.

When asked about how to achieve on her level, Safy says, “Put in 10,000 hours of work and see what comes from it. Seriously, working hard at something you care about will always end with you improving at it a lot.” Kent girls varsity squash must be taking notes from their number one on the ladder, as their season has gone exceptionally well. Safy explains, “Our team just keeps getting better and better each year, I’m excited to see what Nationals and New Englands have in store for us!”

Outside of squash, Safy is an active member of clubs including SOBHU and Period. Additionally, she is an avid lover of engineering and architecture. A leader on and off the courts, Safy hopes to not only continue her success with KGVS, but also her passion in STEM fields. Pursuing a Pre-E certificate, she was able to participate in the engineering after-school activity, and then go play squash afterward.

On balancing sports and schoolwork, Safy says, “I’m still working on it, there are definitely some weekends I should go out to the courts, but for the most part I try my best to balance my work, friends, and squash.” Safy looks forward to nationals and finishing the year strong at Kent.