Kent’s New Varsity Squash Team Maintains Their Winning Streak


Scarlett Chu, Campus Reporter

Wednesday, December 11, the Kent boys varsity squash team looked proudly upon the scoreboard after their crushing 7-0 win against Choate Rosemary Hall, maintaining their four-time winning streak of the season. Morale was high in the courts as attending students and faculty cheered for the players, who decisively finished the game within an hour.

This year’s boys team is incredibly strong and passionate about the sport, coming to the courts nearly four hours before the day’s match to start practicing. Among the seven players, aside from returner Youssef Elsobaihy ’21, there are six new players — David Costales ’22, Federico Sosa Uranga ’22, Syan Singh ’22, Julian Sandoval ’21, Adrian Castillo ’21, and Jonathan Sosa Uranga ’20 — all of whom are new to Kent and have achieved impressive results in squash before pursuing their passion here. Several players have studied and played at the Canterbury School before, while Costales had never played squash in a competitive team.

With a team quite diverse in background and experience, the new head coach and director of Kent’s squash program, Coach Seth, has not only been overseeing the team’s daily technique training, but he also serves as the advisor to several of the players. Thus, in addition to coaching, he also helps the boys adapt to their new environment by introducing them to life at Kent.

Several players have commented on how Coach Seth has helped them advance not only in squash but in life in general by teaching them life lessons. Coach Morin has also helped the team by overseeing their physical fitness training, which many players find both physically and mentally useful, as it not only strengthens their performance but also boosts their confidence during games.

With great results every game, Kent can be sure the new boys varsity squash team has a very bright future ahead of them.