Athlete Profile: Siena Smith ’20


Gabriella Crawford, Campus Reporter

Siena Smith ’20, who hails from Alexandria, Virginia, joined the Lion family a few years ago as a new sophomore. Smith says she looked at boarding schools because “[she] just wanted something different from the education [she] had at home.” In three years, Smith has become an incredible student-athlete who has made a notable impact on the Kent Community.

As a tri-varsity athlete and the captain of the girls varsity soccer and lacrosse teams, Smith has truly grown into a leadership role within the community.Reflecting on the tail end of her soccer season, Smith says, “It’s been rewarding seeing all the new kids get more comfortable and grow in their sport and it’s very fun.”

Smith has actually been a tri-varsity athlete for all three of her years at Kent, which is no small feat when you consider all the other activities and academics that Kent kids have on their plates. Smith acknowledges that, “It’s very intense going back-to-back every season. But while at times it’s stressful, it’s fun to be a part of such great teams.”

Outside of sports, Smith is also a great student. Noting that her favorite class is English, she still isn’t completely sure about what she would like to study in college. While she is going in undecided, she says, “I really like environmental science and architecture.”

As for what Smith will miss most about Kent, she says it’s “definitely the people and the sports.”