Kent Model UN Goes to Brewster

Connor Fahey, Editor

On November 3, Kent’s Model United Nations club headed to Brewster High School in Brewster, New York to attend a day-long Model UN conference. Delegates were split into several unique committees such as The Collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991 and The 3rd Coalition Against Napoleon

In these committees, delegates discussed how to resolve the problems in their respective regions. For example, in Yugoslavia, the primary objective was a lasting ceasefire to stop the conflict. To this end, various resolutions were past detailing the terms of peace and guaranteeing that the will of the people be respected in delineating the borders of future Balkan nations. 

One of the primary goals of Model UN is learning about the world nations, cooperation, and diplomacy, and this conference was a perfect place for that to happen. Dagny Peters ’21, first time Model UN participant, reflected on his experience taking part in the conference saying, “I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was fun to see the in’s and out’s of foreign policy in action, and I made some pretty cool new friends.”

The club president, Sarah Smith ’20, also attended, and says, “It was a very exciting conference where a lot of new members got to learn the MUN process and see a conference first-hand. We would love to thank Brewster for hosting a great conference! And looking forward, we’re ready to take on the one at Columbia!”

All in all, the MUN club had an informative and enjoyable time at Brewster and is looking forward to attending more conferences this upcoming term. In the Spring, the club will host Kent’s very own Model UN Conference, drawing several dozen students from neighboring schools to the valley land to discuss world issues and how to solve them.