Student Profile: Lia Fadiman ’21


Fadiman and her first place pumpkin at the Fall Fest.

Mimi Lohanimit, Campus Reporter

With regards to students who are active and engaged at Kent, Lia Fadiman ’21 is definitely of the names that come to mind. A student who always has a big smile on her face and an impressive amount of enthusiasm in her heart, she makes people around her happy and more active within the school.

Fadiman is a fifth form student who loves art and squash. Her favorite classes are photography and 3D sculpture. Outside of classes, Fadiman further pursues her interests by working on a variety of extracurricular activities. As an editor of the Yearbook, she helps to publish the annual collection of Kent memories. At the Kent Creative Club, Fadiman creates an abundance of beautiful content for Kent, as she delights in producing new art pieces.

Utilizing her commendable energy and impressive stamina, Fadiman has played girls varsity squash in the winter since her freshman year. She explains, “I am not naturally athletic, but squash is a lot different than other sports I’ve done.” While playing squash, Fadiman says that she can work out stiffness and refresh herself. “It’s very nice to have a team and play with them. Although we lost strong players this year, I am looking forward to seeing new people play.”

Going into her third year at Kent School, Fadiman has continued to discover more about herself and the school alike. She expresses her undoubted love for the community in roles as head tour guide and peer counselor, and as a part of the House Council. In her words: “I really love Kent, and I want to give back to the community. I try my hardest to be an active member. Being at Kent is hard, but when you get gratification from working and serving, it is worth it. The most important thing for me is that If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That’s something I feel a lot at Kent.”