PlaySight Comes to Kent

Mallory Mauracher

Mimi Lohanimit, Campus News Reporter

For those Kent students who have always wanted their families to watch that upcoming match against a long-lasting rival or see how much they’ve improved, but live very far away, PlaySight might be the answer.

Not only your family will see, but your friends, your cousins, or even your neighbors can also join! Just give them the link to any of the multiple live streams.

The sports streaming platform PlaySight has partnered with Kent to provide a bonafide connection between students and alumni and family, who want to see how Kent is doing and to enhance sports activities. 

Using sports AI software and high-quality cameras, PlaySight can capture matches for various sports, from volleyball to football, lacrosse, hockey, and more. In addition to providing streaming feeds for spectating from afar, its technology allows students and coaches to watch real-time HD videos, analyzing their performance to improve in their next matches. 

“Athletics are an integral part of the Kent experience,” said Mrs. Cortney Duncan, Director of Athletics. “I’m excited about our partnership with PlaySight, and I’m hopeful that video technology will help the coaches and players during practices. 

She elaborates, “Being able to watch real-time video feedback can be a tremendous coaching tool for our athletes. I also look forward to live-streaming even more contests for our parent base and know it will help build an even stronger connection to Kent for our alumni.”

Kent Sports Media, an afternoon activity where students learn to broadcast using this tool, now has six active members. Under the guidance of Mr. Jandreau and Mr. Hobbs, students will learn how to live stream, edit videos, and commentate the matches. 

With hands-on experiences, they will master manning PlaySight within a month, which is a wonderful experience to take advantage of, especially for those who are interested in sports journalism or the broadcasting industry. 

Kent Sports Media will be offered as an activity each term, and Kent’s lovely but frigid Winter Term weather will be taken into account. Unlike in fall, when the camera is mobile and controlled by the students, winter broadcasting will be done by fixed cameras that use an algorithm to track athletes autonomically. 

Kent Sports Media is looking for many commenters who want to be a part of the broadcasting side of our Kent sports teams, and students are encouraged to take a look and participate!