The Indispensable Kent School Snack Bar



Travis mans the grill.

Ella Crawford, Campus News Reporter

Like clockwork, the Student Center’s Snack Bar opens at 7:45 AM every day,  stocked with hot cinnamon buns, mac ‘n cheese bites, and hash browns. After just rolling out of bed and only fitting three hours of sleep into your very hectic schedule, the last thing you want to do is choke down a scalding hot black coffee from the dining hall. Thankfully, students at Kent can always rely on Jess’ smiling face to greet them in the morning, as she pours three dollar cups of iced coffee. Obviously, with a whopping 840 ice coffees sold in September, she is pretty good at her job. 

Although at this point in your morning you have precisely two minutes until class, there are egg sandwiches, which are your favorite, and before you know it you spent another four dollars. If you are one of the blessed students at Kent who have A block free, it is a must to ask for your muffin warmed on the grill with butter. Other great breakfast options include warmed up cinnamon buns, steak and eggs, or their wide selection of bars.

Didn’t make it to the student center for breakfast, but now hungry before practice? Never fear, Travis is here. With Olympic-caliber skill when it comes to grilling, Trav is ready to fuel you up. Even if you are not coming for the food, the ambiance is splendid. If I were to write a Yelp review for the Snack Bar, it would be a 5-star must visit on campus, and the tour guides of Kent would concur as well. Not only does the Snack Bar have a wonderful staff, but it also has a wide selection so everyone can find something to eat or drink. If you aren’t a big coffee person (weak), go for any of the Arizona drinks to get the most bang for your buck; 99¢ for 23 fluid ounces. Not a fan of meat? Mozzarella sticks are probably your move. Meat lover? A barns burger would satisfy the carnivore in you. The biggest Snack Bar hack: ask for a cup of ice, which they will give you for free. Whether you buy a drink with it or not, is up to you (but splurge on a Ginger Ale; it is always necessary).

Finally, seniors, make sure to give Alex a big hello as you take a break from the stress and anxiety of college applications during study hall. From pizza to milkshakes, Alex is ready to help you get all the supplies needed to eat your feelings away. Truly, the SC is the at the heart of student culture on campus, no matter if you are coming for breakfast, a midday snack, or right at the end of study hall, the Kent Student Center and Snack Bar are an integral part of the Kent Community.