Third-formers take a trip to see MACBETH

Meera Rao, Campus News Reporter

This year at Kent all third-formers will be reading and performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In an effort to provide a fun educational opportunity outside of class and to further the knowledge of their students, the English Department planned a trip to the Brookfield Theatre for the Arts to see the play on stage. 

On Sunday, September 22nd, nearly ninety third-formers, along with English 1 teachers Mr. Foote, Ms. Hardcastle, Mrs. Moreno, and Mr. Stewart, boarded buses to make the quick trip to Brookfield. 

Mr. Foote stated that, “It was great because it gave us an opportunity to see the play before we read it in class to see a live version of Macbeth. It’s been a long time since we actually taken students to see shows.”

“I think the kids really appreciate being able to see it and talk about the play before reading it,” Mr. Foote said. “They didn’t understand everything that was going on; they had questions afterwards, which was great, because now they have background information before even reading the text.”

Shakespeare, though compelling, can sometimes be tough for modern audiences to read. Despite that, the plays remain relevant and important. The trip to see the play was designed to show the students that “these pieces of literature are alive,” said Mr. Foote. “Our goal is to help the next generation connect literature with the present.”