The Boardwalker asks students: what are you looking forward to this year?

Emily Yuan

The Boardwalker is a long-running feature of the Kent News that seeks to poll current students about how they are feeling about a single issue. The goal is to provide a moment in time of life in the valley land. This issue we are asking our students, “what are you looking forward to most this year and why?”

In the start of a new year, everyone has different expectations and hopes for a new adventure. Sports are always very exciting; they symbolizes leadership, teamwork, reaching out of the comfort zone, and fun. 

In this excitement, Jim Breen ’22 is “most looking forward to the lacrosse season and bonding as a team,” which is one of his “favorite parts of the year.”  

Mark Yin ’23, elaborates on his sports goals for the year, answering this question by saying, “I guess getting into varsity basketball, if not JV works too, since I am a basketball player and have seven years of experience. I also want to play in the US League, this is one of my biggest goals. My biggest dream for sports is to play in the U.S. basketball League. I have had this dream since I was eight years old when I watched the NBA. At Kent, I hope to have the opportunity to make my dream come true.” 

Academics are an important part of high school. Many people are in intense preparation for college. Both Taehan Kim ’22, and Grace Yang ’21 want “to get good grades and get into a good college.” 

Those who want to challenge themselves expect success in both sports and academics, just like Andy Xu ’21 explains, “I am looking forward to a great thirds soccer season and two guild papers for me this year! I really hope that thirds soccer could do better than last year and I won’t score our own goal. As for my guild papers, I hope I could base on my effort last year and write two on different fields this year, one on art history/history and one on classics.” 

Boarding school is a great place to extend the social circle. This is especially important for freshman students because they have joined a new family. Anne Henderer ’23, “looks forward to making friends and starting a new adventure!” 

Claudia Shi ’22 wants to “get to know more people, and have a fun year.” Natalie Hudson ’22 hopes to make “friends with new people because it’s nice to have a change in scenery.” 

Because Kent has such a diverse community with students from all around the world, it is hard to see each other during breaks. Charlotte Cochener ’22, most loves “spending time with friends because they all live so far away.” She treasures those times because she “can’t spend time with them over the summer.”