Musician Profile: Carly Mitchell ’21


Jana Wong

Starting her second year at Kent, Carly Mitchell ‘21 is a student to watch. 

Even though she’s interested in studying medicine at university, she is also a talented violinist. She’s active in the full string orchestra, as well as the smaller, more exclusive chamber orchestra. With these groups, she plays in several concerts every year. She also performs for the school in chapel on occasion. 

As well as being a violinist, she also takes part in Dance, Music Studies, Choir, and acts in the Musical. Since she arrived only last year, it is remarkable that she has been able to do all these extracurricular activities while adjusting to a new environment. She is taking drama for two terms this year, allowing her artistic side to be expressed through acting. As the musical mixes music and time to hang out with friends, when not working on the play itself, she has made a number of friends and is often seen in the dining hall laughing as well as talking with others when walking to class.

She has also joined the outdoors and cooking club this year, which sounds like a lot, but Mitchell states that she is comfortable that she has a stable lifestyle that balances school, after school activities, friends and homework, even thought she wishes she had more time to practice the violin and is trying to make a more consistent effort to practice this upcoming year. 

In spite of, or perhaps because of, all of her interests, people describe her as fun and dedicated both in and out of class. “She’s caring and open minded, said Ari Arias ‘21. “Her music and talent bring out the goodness in her.”