Boys Thirds Tennis: “We’re Celestial Beings”

Luc Zipkin, Campus Reporter

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Here at Kent School, there’s always exciting news brewing on the athletic fields. While varsity sports receive most of the attention, the boys’ thirds tennis team has played an impressive season, garnering several wins by a significant margin.

Assistant Coach Juan Sanchez extolled the virtues of the team, saying, “There are a lot of hockey players who contribute immensely to the team. Everyone is athletic, and the boys work well with each other.” By utilizing their strong teamwork and innate athleticism, the team earned victories against Trinity Pawling and Salisbury.

However, the team was not completely infallible, as they lost against Indian Mountain School on April 24th. “Since the boys played against a junior high, they thought their rivals were too young and not that good,” Sanchez comments, insinuating his team underestimated the power of their opponents and didn’t go all out like they could have.

Captain Kevin Otoo ’22 offered a less somber perspective of their match: “We were just there to have fun.” In addition, Otoo seconded Sanchez’s comment saying, “We thought they’d just be a bunch of little kids that don’t know how to play; we underestimated them.”

When asked about the expected performance of the team going forward, Otoo responded that the team was “unpredictable”,  but in his closing statement, he remarks, “I still think our team is pretty strong. We’re good enough to take down almost every team we come across. When it comes to thirds tennis, we’re celestial beings.” With the team exhibiting an influx of enthusiasm and positivity through their practices and games, the boys thirds tennis team will work hard to improve and hopefully become undefeated one day.