Congratulations to Mr. Garrison Smith, recipient of Wagenknecht-Buttita Memorial Faculty Travel Scholarship

Brandon Schuster, Campus Reporter

In anticipation of the coming summer, the annual Wagenknecht-Buttitta Memorial Faculty Travel Scholarship for 2019 has been awarded to Admissions and Science Department member Garrison Smith.

The award gives up to $3000 towards supporting the short-term travel of a faculty member. It is funded by Mr. Theodore H. Wagenknecht ’96 in honor of his father, Jon T. Wagenknecht, and uncle, Mark Buttitta.  

Chair of the awarding committee, Mr. Robert DesMarais, says that the “the grant was given by him to honor these two men who were very special to Ted by contributing to another group of individuals, the Kent School faculty, in order to thank the members of the faculty for all of the good work they do,” by providing a trip that is both “professionally enriching and personally satisfying.”

The grant also stipulates that the faculty inform the community about their travel after their return to campus, in order to inspire “the valuable benefits of new and diverse experiences and adventures in adult life.” Indeed, last year’s recipient, Sierra Thomsen of the History Department, will be giving a chapel talk during the spring term about her trip to Morocco. Mr. Smith also plans on presenting a chapel talk on his travels next year.

Mr. Smith used the grant to take a trip to explore several National Parks across the country and look at their ecological wonders and natural biodiversity, while also visiting many historic sites. He also went to see several college crew programs, looking to meet and create connections to coaches and schools that will be helpful to his athletes in the future.