Kent’s 2019 College Fair


Cherim Kang '21

Cherim Kang, Campus Reporter

On the warm afternoon of Sunday, April 14, Kent School held its annual college fair for an hour and a half in the Springs Hockey Rink. All Kent students and families, as well as those from local schools around Kent, were invited to attend.

Students got the opportunity to talk to admissions representatives of various colleges and universities and also were able to receive instructive information from the representative of each school.

Haniya Mee, one of the college counselors here at Kent School, explains the fair, saying, “ninety-one different universities from the United States, Canada, and Europe attend, and students were able to come to talk to the representative, find out information about their school program and curriculum, and also ask questions specifically for the representatives about their admissions criteria.”

She describes this year as a success: “the fair went very well; we had excellent attendance. Furthermore, we are glad that we had a marvelous turn out from Kent School and other local schools as well.”

Ms. Mee states that there were more students at the fair than they expected to come. Various schools such as Marvelwood, South Kent, and Millbrook attended the fair as well.

Ms. Mee also comments on the accomplishments of the class of 2019, and the admission process this year. She says that “the class of 2019 should be very proud of their accomplishments this year. We have a broad range of colleges and universities that students will be heading next year, as well as some students who are pursuing to play junior hockey.”

Additionally, the annual college fair benefitted fourth and fifth formers who were able to take a glance at their numerous options for their future, and the 6th formers, as well, who wanted to get further information from the colleges they got admitted to, helping them to decide the right fit for them.

For the prospective students who will apply to colleges and universities, Ms. Mee gave some pragmatic advice for their future. She says, “definitely for the 4th formers, I would say start getting to know your college counselors, and start building that firm relationship because that will only help the application process finding schools that are a good match for you, and for the 5th formers, I would tell them to make sure to maintain good relationships with the teachers; since teacher recommendations are crucial in the college admission process.”

She also adds, “Making the right decisions for the courses that they are taking next year so they are setting themselves up for success based on the classes that they are taking next year is also very important. Eventually, that is going to lead you to some of the institutions they are hoping to attend!”

Altogether, the Kent School College Fair generally became a significant and successful step towards the college application process next year for all attendees, and especially the class of 2020.