Kent School Revisit Days


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Connor Fahey

Every year in April, Kent School hosts several revisit days, where prospective students shadow current students to learn more about life in the valley land, and hopefully make a final decision about which school they want to attend.

This year, Kent held three revisit days to cope with high demand, and provide a personalized experience to the attendees.

On March 28th, April 1st, and April 4th, about 230 families poured onto Kent’s campus, eager to spend a life in the day of a student here.

Each prospective student was paired with a Kent School student, with whom they attended classes for the day, getting a chance to experience lively classroom discussion and debate, as well as getting to taste the food from the cafeteria.

A lot of planning goes into these events, to make them possible and enjoyable for all those involved. Mr. Sullivan, who works in admissions says, “everyone in the admissions team plays a role from organization and planning, going back to early January, to working with the studies office and trying to find the appropriate days, to working with the dining hall for when we need their help with lunches, and in getting teachers, students, and panelists involved.”

The logistics of the days can sometimes be uncertain because, as Mr. Sullivan says, “we never know exactly how many families are going to show up.”

A change from last year is that an extra revisit day was held, which was important, Mr. Sullivan explains, because without it, there would be “too many families here at once and it gets congested and crowded; it’s harder for families to connect with people at Kent.”

When asked about what he would change to improve the events, Mr. Sullivan stressed the importance of feedback from the surveys the Admissions Office sends to the families that attended the revisit days. For him, “it’s so critical to listen to the feedback. The important feedback is the stuff that’s not positive. If we don’t listen to the market is telling us, then we will get the same results; so we need to be willing to adapt and evolve just like any other organization.”

All in all, students, prospective and current alike, had a great time during these revisit days. Friends were made, and so were decisions about where to attend high school, and Kent looks forward to the new faces that will join campus next year as a result.