Finding Solutions to Global Problems at Third KSMUN Conference

Victoria Geh '19

Brandon Schuster, Campus Reporter

In Foley 105 on Sunday, April 7th, a group of students from Kent and from surrounding schools grappled over murders, spies, and assassination attempts, all while solving the problems of the American Mafia in the 1950s.

Just one floor above them, the United Nations Security Council debated a solution to the tensions in the Korean Peninsula, finding a compromise in troop numbers, the demilitarized zone, and international relations.

Additionally, over in the Headmaster’s study, the remnants of the U.S. government rebuilt itself after the outbreak of World War III, finding and facing enemies while each delegate wrestled for personal power. This, of course, is a snapshot of the committees in the third annual Kent School Model United Nations Conference.

The day began with a guest speaker, Dr. Sergei Kambalov, the former Chief of the U.N. Economic and Social Council and First Secretary in the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who spoke with firsthand experience with the importance of global leadership and cooperation. Then, after Secretary-General Victoria Geh ’19 opened the conference, all the delegates descended, with palatable excitement and folders of research, to their committee.

Geh noted that “The delegates were all passionately contributing to the discussion on matters that related to the real world in the Security Council. Current issues are a matter that will be placed in the hands of our generation, and it is a great honor to have such a bright group of students come together to discuss possible solutions.”

She added, “And, in the Gang Wars committee, it was wonderful to see each delegate bring the opinion of the individual they represented into the conversation, standing firm and voicing their opinions with enthusiasm.”

After a full day of debating, drafting resolutions, and voting, the delegates once again gathered in Mattison Auditorium, where awards were given out. The day ended with Secretary-General Geh once again taking to the podium and asking for a motion to close debate.

Kent’s Model U.N. club advisor, Sierra Thomsen, spoke to the continued future growth for the on-campus conference. She said that the club “made strides in our third conference… but I think we can continue to build off of that and use that momentum to move forward.” But already, as Geh was quick to say, “this conference was a great success.”