Varsity Boys Hockey at the Christmas Tournament

Erin Shannon, Editor

While many students had already left campus to enjoy their breaks, the determined players on Kent’s boys’ hockey team remained behind, ready to play hard in the thirty-sixth Annual Avon Old Farms Christmas Hockey Tournament.

Their first game in the tournament was full of thrilling ups and downs, and after a tight game, the team was able to pull out an impressive comeback. First, Loomis was up 3-0, and with only eleven minutes left, things looked dire. However, the team managed to score three quick goals before the clock ran out. In overtime, the boys were able to score a quick and decisive game-winning goal.

When describing this particular game, Coach Reinhardt states that “it was a tough game to coach, but it was certainly exciting and fun.”

Later, the team played a hard-fought game against Gunnery. Kent was ahead by one goal for most of the game, but Gunnery tied it up with about thirty seconds left, and the Lions ended up losing in a shootout. In contrast to the Loomis game, the team did not get the result they wanted, but they played hard and with great skill.

Despite this outcome, Coach Reinhardt seems satisfied with the team because they “had them [Gunnery] on the ropes, and the team played really well in that game.”

Next, the boys pulled out an impressive 4-1 win over Trinity-Pawling, and placed second in their bracket. The next day, they concluded their run in the tournament with a 4-6 loss to the Avon Old Farms team.

Some overall takeaways from the tournament included the boys’ need to practice better team defense. There is no lack of offensive talent on the team, so their new focus will be to give up fewer goals.

With an excellent combination of experienced and new players who are fitting together well, the team is “positive right now… and feel like they could play with anybody.”