Girls Varsity Basketball Faces Off Kingswood-Oxford

Ari Rosen, Campus Reporter

During winter vacation, the girls varsity basketball team participated in the annual Kingswood Oxford Girls Basketball Tournament, playing Miss Porters, Kingswood, and Governors. Team captain Sarah Gavin ’19 comments, saying, “we felt like we were going to do a lot better than last year because of our new talent.” Kent finished the tournament with one win and two losses.

Prior to the tournament, the Kent girls took a tough loss against Kingswood Oxford. At the tournament, the Lions got their revenge and took a well-earned win. Gavin says, “we fought hard all the way through.”

When asked who performed well at the tournament, Gavin was quick to respond, saying that “we all played pretty well. Fifi Duncan [’19] was on fire from the three-point line. Sascha [Botero ’21] always has the intensity and drive. Morgan [Lee ’22] is super helpful in the paint and did very well taking leads early in the games.”

Four-year team member Duncan said she discovered several new things about herself at the tournament. One of the things was her skill for shooting from the three-point line. She comments, “I scored four 3’s in the first game.”

A few highlights of the tournament include Duncan scoring nine 3’s overall, and Gavin being selected to be apart of the second All-Star team.

After the tournament, Coach Nuffer had many encouraging and positive remarks about the games. She says, “We prepared well for the tournament. We knew it was going to be tough but we wanted to take advantage of having a second chance against Miss Porters. We played much better this time around. Although we didn’t win, we worked well and focused on the things we practiced. It was great beating Kingswood Oxford, a team we know we will see again later.”