Teacher Profile: Mrs. Duncan

Ari Rosen, Campus Reporter

This past year, longtime Kent School Athletic Director Mr. Marble passed the torch to Mrs. Duncan. This is a new role for Mrs. Duncan, who has done everything under the sun at Kent: she has coached, advised, taught, lived in the dorm and even worked in Admissions.

Prior to Kent, Mrs. Duncan was a tri-varsity athlete at Andover and went on to play field hockey and lacrosse at Wesleyan University. She is also an avid equestrian and has competed in the Kent School Horse Trials.

When asked how she is adjusting to her new role, she says, “It’s definitely a very different job than teaching, but thankfully I have a lot of support which has made the transition easier. Mr. Marble is still here and very helpful, and everybody in the athletics department has been tremendous so far.”

Mrs. Duncan said her favorite part of her new job is meeting many of the students at Kent she never had the opportunity to know before. She states, “I think it’s fun to interact with students who play all different sports and not just the ones I coach. It’s also nice supporting coaches in their specific program.”

Although Mrs. Duncan has been at Kent since 2007, she is constantly learning new things about the school and the process involved in getting everything scheduled. Mrs. Duncan reflected on this with a laugh, “Oh man, I’ve learned a lot. The most important thing is definitely the amount of people who are needed to create a schedule for every team.”

Mrs. Duncan is “excited to build even more Kent spirit. I think the spirit week and fall pep rally were very nice for the community.” As for the rest of the Kent community, we’re all grateful for Mrs. Duncan’s hard work so far as our Athletics Director.