Volleyball undefeated so far in inaugural season at Kent

Lauren Page

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Kent’s inaugural volleyball team has started off their season strong.

It all started when coaches Anne Ross and Holly Ceane had 43 girls show up during early week for volleyball try- outs. Since there was so much interest, Coach Ceane, who was originally going to be assistant coach for the varsity team, stepped up and took on the role of JV coach.

The varsity team, consisting of 16 girls in addition to two managers, has had an undefeated season so far with their schedule consisting of both varsity and JV matches. Jane Malafronte ’19, a PG and Naval Foundation Scholar, is the captain this year, with Gabby Sullivan ’21 serving as assistant captain.

Ms. Ross, the varsity coach, is impressed with this team so far. She comments, “They have worked harder than all the other athletes I have coached.” These girls are dedicated and their teamwork is inspiring.

During early week, experienced players would stay after practices to help novice players with their technique. This is a great building year for this new team, many of whom are 3rd and 4th formers, and the coaches hope these girls can act as a base for the team in future years.

The defensive line is comprised of Ava Ehrhard ’22, Chloe Pfeifer ’21, and Nebeeka Saha ’20, and is led by Cinta Gonzalez Lopez ’19. They have been practicing hard, and it has paid off in their matches; few mistakes have been made, and the team has been able to play longer points. The team’s setters are Malafronte, Sullivan, Maureen Chan ’19, and Ally Thanasi ’20, who have all contributed to amazing plays during matches, setting their team up for successful points.

The varsity game against Sacred Heart was a highlight in the season so far. Having lost the first two sets, the girls were down 23-24 in their 3rd set and Sacred Heart was up next to serve. Determined to win the set, the girls played a 3 minute and 30 second point and ended up winning 26-24. Also winning the 4th set, the score was tied and the 5th set would determine the match. The team then proceeded to win the 5th set, leaving Kent with a final score of 3-2, a game that hopefully set the tone for the season to come.

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