A new and supportive club on campus: Active Minds


Erin Shannon, Campus News Reporter

Active Minds is a national nonprofit organization whose goal is to to “empower students to change the perception about mental health.” This year, Ms. Raskind, our school counselor, took the initiative to start a chapter of Active Minds at Kent, with Haylie Chiu ’20 serving as leader. Club member Isabella Michaelis ’20 and Nebeeka Saha ’20 explained that this club aims “to promote mental health awareness throughout the Kent community and to be an open and safe space for everyone.”  

During winter term, they organized a mental health week, offering a series of events including anonymous letters of support to peers, a bonfire, canine therapy, and an all-school mural to raise awareness of health issues.

Among the activities, the anonymous letters were a great success around the school. With the intent to spread kindness and positivity, the club members supplied notecards and markers for students to write notes to their friends during lunch hours everyday and posted the cards on the recipients’ dorm room doors. Doors were covered with sweet messages and notes that not only decorated the dorms but also brought a positive feeling to every corner of the campus.

Another idea implemented was a bonfire in the sandbox for students to burn papers written with their worries or unhappy thoughts, thus driving out all the negativity. S’mores were also provided as a treat for the students.

Even after the mental health week, Active Minds continues to offer support to all students around campus and hopes to raise awareness for mental health issues and to end the stigma surrounding them.