Girls hockey shuts out Berkshire

Erin Shannon, Campus News Reporter

On Saturday, December 2nd, the second game of the season, a great crowd came to see Kent girls varsity hockey take on Berkshire. By the end of the game the girls came away with a impressive 3-0 win against a very strong team.

In the first period both teams looked solid, but Kent dominated possession. Our team had many shots on goal but was unable to capitalize on any of those opportunities, so at the end of the first period it was 0-0.

Going into the second period the pressure was definitely on for Kent to get the puck in the back of the net. With thirteen minutes left Kiersten Goode ‘19 scored Kent’s first goal of the game. About 4 minutes later Delaney Szlezyngier ‘18 scored again, giving Kent a solid lead to finish the second period. In the last period, with seven minutes left, Millie Rose Sirum ‘19 scored the final goal, which ended the game with a strong 3-0 win.

Following the game Coach Rousseau commented, “We limited them to three shots a period. We didn’t give up any goals, and we scored three goals against a very, very good team. So I would say the takeaway is that we managed to play very well against a top New England team and that’s something to build upon.”

Off to a great start, the team is planning to continue the hard work and hopefully get positive results in their upcoming game against Westminster on Wednesday. Mr. Rousseau explained, “I’m feeling very positive after the first week, but I think it’s important that we don’t start congratulating ourselves too early. They’re is a lot of work to do. There’s certainly areas where we need to improve, and I’m really excited looking ahead to Westminster on Wednesday. I think that’s going to be a feature match.”