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Musical Offerings in Chapel

Alice Benjamin, Staff Writers

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Kent students have been enjoying chapel talks for many years, but only recently have they gotten to know their peers better through musical offerings in chapel. Mrs. Kovacs and Dean Kelderman began a organizing the offerings when they both got here four years ago, in 2014, for students who wanted to contribute to the community in a different way.

As Dean Kelderman sees it, “The musical offerings show that chapel doesn’t just belong to the chaplains, it belongs to the students.” Some students are “more comfortable speaking through singing,” maybe too scared to stand up and talk but willing to show their souls the way they know how: music.

The students who play in chapel are mostly those who take private lessons, but students who feel strongly about playing are candidates as well. They way Mrs. Kovacs sees it, performing in chapel helps musicians grow, as it can be very intimidating to sing or play an instrument in front of almost the entire school. Students who want to play have to work hard, as there are usually only two musical offerings per term. Those talented musicians must all agree with Mrs. Kovacs that “sometimes we can communicate through music what we can’t communicate through words.” For them the music is as personal as revealing a hidden part of themselves in a chapel talk.

For the students listening the musical offerings provide a nice change of pace and are often very relaxing. They facilitate the reflection chapel is meant for. Listening to a beautiful piano or violin piece, students can focus on the music or let their minds wander and sort through things they haven’t yet had a free moment to think about. At the very least the musical offerings provide a calm moment in an otherwise hectic day.

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Musical Offerings in Chapel