Harold Orr supports Kent by joining Bell Tower Society

Jessica Diecidue, Campus News Reporter

Established in the spring of 1991, the Bell Tower Society honors anyone who has bestowed a gift in his or her estate to enhance the education of Kent School’s future generations. Currently, the Bell Tower Society consists of over 600 members, mostly Kent Alumni.

A long-time member of the Kent Community, Mr. Harold Orr, recently joined this distinguished society. Mr. Marble expresses his hope that “Harold takes great pleasure and great joy in knowing that Kent is going to be part of the legacy he will leave behind.”

In most cases, the members of the Bell Ringing Society contribute to the school by making a donation to the school’s endowment, which Orr chose to do as well. “That will be a forever gift. The money that goes towards the endowment perpetuates the school’s mission forever,” says Mr. Marble. “So as long as the school is in existence, the endowment will not be touched, and it will simply be an investment used to help with the operations of the school.”

According to Mr. Marble, Harold made his donation partly because of his longevity at Kent School and partly because of the value that everyone recognizes that Harold has beyond just his job description. “He is an unique part of the campus and the Kent School community that carries a special significance in his case and gift.”