The pros and cons of Saturday classes

Jessica Diecidue, Campus News Reporter

Every Saturday morning, Kent students wake up to go to classes from 9 am to 11:25 am, an adjustment for new students used to the typical 5-day school schedule. Many students dread these Saturday classes, yet many other prep schools also have them. And, at Kent, Saturday classes have both opponents and supporters.

Student opposition of Saturday classes say that having classes 6 days a week gives them more work. Another argument is that students feel as if they do not have a 2-day weekend since they have study hall on Friday night and classes the next morning. Erin Marczewski ‘19 comments, “I’d prefer not to have Saturday classes because I am unable to sleep in.” Kent School students are already pressed for sleep during the week and are unable to use Friday night to make up for it.

Student supporters believe Saturday classes are beneficial since it motivates them do some of their homework Friday night. Because there is work due on Saturdays, students work on Friday night instead of procrastinating until Sunday. Students also appreciate that Saturday classes force them to wake up and be productive instead of sleeping in all day.

One overarching agreement among most Kent students share is that Saturday classes should be casual dress. There are only three blocks of classes on Saturdays, and students often have at least one of them free. Most students think that it is too demanding to put on formal dress for only an hour and a half of classes and that the break from the dress code routine for one day would be a welcome one.