New Deans Reinhardt and Rousseau

Jessica Diecidue, Campus News Reporter

For the 2017-2018 school year, Kent welcomes two new deans to the RAD House. Mr. Sullivan, the former dean of the class of 2018, now directs the admissions office, and Mrs. Rousseau took over for the sixth form. Mr. Seye, the former dean for the class of 2017, also left the Rad House to return to the classroom, and Mr. Reinhardt took over what would have been Mr. Seye’s class of 2021. Both of the new deans are looking forward to their new responsibilities and challenges as deans this school year.

Mrs. Rousseau was announced as the dean of the class of 2018 in May. She chose to become the dean for the sixth form class because she “felt strongly about the class and individuals in the class.” She already knew most of the students from teaching multiple math classes and coaching girls varsity hockey and girls junior varsity tennis. This year she will still be coaching those two teams, but she is only teaching one block of Honors Algebra 2, whereas last year, she taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Honors Pre-Calculus.

The incoming third form class began their Kent careers with Mr. Reinhardt as he began his career in the Rad House. Mr. Reinhardt specifically wanted to be the dean for the new class, because he wanted to watch them progress through all four of their years at Kent. Last year Mr. Reinhardt taught United States History and Capitalism. This fall, Mr. Reinhardt is currently teaching the term-contained elective, Capitalism, and in the winter he is also set to take over Mr. Ober’s United States History class while still coaching boys varsity hockey in the winter and golf in the spring.