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Wall Street executive visits Kent

Gabrielle Cator

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On April 2, 2017, students were treated to desserts and a discussion at Fr. Schell’s house, led by Mr. Manuel Bellod, Managing Director of Solution Partners North America. The discussion covered an overview of careers available on Wall Street and the functions of these positions.  

Mr. Bellod discussed a few different Wall Street career paths, such as investment banking, hedge fund managing, and trading.  He explained the difference between banking and trading to clear up many common misconceptions people previously had about the two jobs.

Many of the students had an extensive understanding of economics and finance, but for other students this discussion was their first introduction to these financial concepts.  Mrs. Saxton was impressed by “the kinds of questions that were asked by students [and] by the depth of understanding.”

Most of the students who attended are a part of the Entrepreneurship Club and or participated (and placed) in the investment game, Portfolios with Purpose. These students came with a genuine interest and enthusiasm, absorbing the information Mr. Bellod provided.  As Mrs. Saxton said, “these weren’t kids asking whether they should buy Chipotle stock or Apple stock.”  These students asked questions related to calculus, history, research, ethics, entrepreneurship, etc.  

Mr. Bellod made sure to talk about the educational paths that one could take to be an impressive Wall Street candidate.  He mentioned finance or economics majors, but he stressed that it is someone’s drive and determination that makes them stand out, not necessarily what their college major was.  He told a story about one of the best young men he’s worked with was a history major, but this man had the personality and character of someone who could dominate his field.

Though there was a misunderstanding on Kent’s social media pages relating to the meeting being attended by only male students, it just so happens that the girls (including myself) all sat on the other side of the photographer.  Overall the diverse group of students had a great experience and learned about the sectors of Wall Street, the different types of funds, and the jobs offered on Wall Street.

When Mr. Bellod was asked, “besides the money aspect, do people actually enjoy working on Wall Street?” Mr. Bellod responded that many people love the competitive environment, including himself, so it was great to talk to someone who actually loves what he does.

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Wall Street executive visits Kent