Class Profile: Capitalism with Mr. Reinhardt

Jessica Diecidue, Campus News Reporter

A term-contained elective at Kent taught by Mr. Reinhardt, Capitalism explores American business and economics.  Mr. Reinhardt teaches the class from a historical perspective, engaging students in the economic system from its beginnings in feudalism to its current state in today’s intricate market economy.

According to Mr. Reinhardt, “Nearly every aspect of our lives is deeply and consistently influenced by capitalistic philosophy and structure, making this subject as important a course of study as any other individual topic.”

Throughout the course, students will gain a historical knowledge of economics as a whole, grappling with communism and mercantilism, as well as the specific individuals essential to the implementation of these systems.

Students complete nightly readings for homework and discuss in class the next day, sharing their thoughts and opinions about issues from the readings.  At the end of the term students work on a Capstone Project: the culmination of the course in a research paper.

Overall, Mr. Reinhardt’s Capitalism puts a historical spin on the typical economics class, making it one of Kent’s most interesting and unique academic opportunities.