Club Profile: Entrepreneurship

Jessica Diecidue, Campus News Reporter

The entrepreneurship club was founded by sixth formers Katherine Liu (who serves as president) and Leon Du (who is co-president, along with fellow sixth former Kevin He). Fifth formers Gabrielle Cator and Peter Fahey are being trained to take over the club, which Friday nights in the tech classroom.

During the club meetings, one of the senior leaders would talk about what they are doing in business during the first 15 minutes and the last half was recently on how to pick a stock.The club also focuses on issues that are happening in society.

Students began participating in a stock market game last Sunday. 92 students from Kent signed up to play the game. Each student picked 5 stocks from any global public stock exchange. Students are only given 5 trades throughout the 6 months. All the proceeds go to a charity chosen by the students.

According to Mrs. Saxton, who supervises their work, “The entrepreneurship club is more than just a club. It is a big group of students who are interested in many facets of business and finance. Some will start businesses while they are students here and others will be Bloomberg savvy by the time they graduate.”