Teacher Profile: Mr. Sanchez


Emily Yuan, Editor

Born and raised in Medellin, Columbia, the second-largest city in the country, Mr. Sanchez has taught at Kent for 15 years. He attended a Jesuit school and obtained a degree in business from a university in Columbia. After working for an international company in South America, Mr. Sanchez moved to Houston, Texas, where he earned his MBA in international business, which later helped him facilitate trade between South America and the U.S. Then, Mr. Sanchez ran a business school in Columbia where he taught Columbian businessmen American culture and customs. 

Since the early 2000s, Mr. Sanchez has been a certified Spanish teacher. He taught in a public school for five years before coming to Kent in 2006. Having taught Honors and Regular Spanish 2, Regular Spanish 3, AP Spanish, and Spanish Literature during his time at Kent, Mr. Sanchez believes education is his purpose in life. He loves sharing his experience from the heart with growing adolescents. Mr. Sanchez enjoys seeing teenagers motivated and inspires them to learn about Spanish culture. Stemming from his personal experience, he understands that the more skills one has, the more opportunities one has. Therefore, Mr. Sanchez hopes students learn to communicate in Spanish to open doors for them in ways they might not expect. 

Particularly in his Spanish Literature class, Mr. Sanchez works to teach his students that there are many different cultures in the 32 countries that speak Spanish. He personally loves art and literature. Before COVID, Mr. Sanchez ran trips that brought Kent students to Spain, where they took classes in the morning and went to museums and other famous places in the afternoon. During the stay in Spain, students were exposed to authentic Castilian Spanish. 

After the academic day, Mr. Sanchez coaches Thirds Soccer, Intramural Basketball, and Tennis. He is also on duty in the library on Thursday night, where he passionately helps students improve their Spanish. “Los estudiantes son mi vida,” Mr. Sanchez chuckled.