Team Profile: Girls Crew

Lia Fadiman, Campus Reporter

The girls crew team, captained by Gabby Sullivan and coached by Ms. Salatas, has had a successful season this spring. With three new coxswains and two returning, neither of whom have coxed in a year, the stakes were high for these young women. 

The first boat, coxed by Mia Sweitzer, had some trouble warming up to the season, with their first race being a loss. Yet by the second, they were back in the groove, and their third was even better. Said Sweitzer about the season, “It was a building year, yet the team came in everyday and worked as hard as they could. We were strong through the boats, and had a solid amount of returners.” 

Second boat, coxed by Sarah Cataldo and then Charlotte Pompa, was dominating from the start and not far behind the first boat in boat feel or race times. The second boat went through many seat races, and overall was a very light boat. Pompa said, “It was my first year ever coxing and it was an amazing experience. My family has always rowed, so getting involved at Kent was something I was passionate about. I was so excited to get moved up – especially because I wasn’t expecting much from my first season.” The team will be graduating some strong seniors, so we are so excited to see what they’re capable of next year!

Next season, the team will see a turnover in the coaching staff, with Salatas and assistant coach Varga-Wells leaving, but new captains Sabrina Pauli, Alexis Delmore, and Ally Johnson will bring continuity to the program.