Boys Thirds Squash Beats Albany Academy


Scarlett Chu, Campus Reporter

Not only are Kent’s varsity squash teams thriving, but the sub-varsity teams are working exceptionally hard as well. On Wednesday, January 29, the Kent boys thirds squash team won their first game of the year with a final score of 5-2. The crowd cheered on the boys as they battled their opponents from Albany Academy. 

Coach Tolfree is very pleased with this year’s lineup, saying, “We are definitely a lot stronger, I honestly don’t feel like we have a bottom this year, especially compared to last year.” Coach Tolfree also expressed that the team’s returning players “improved a great amount” and praised the new players that joined this year as all contributing to the entire team’s improvement. 

Salim Kheireddine ’20 agreed with this sentiment, commenting that there is a lot more “drive and enthusiasm. We are more of a team this year.”

Coach Jandreau has been working to improve the team’s skills, and explained that as a sub-varsity team, “a lot of it is getting on the court, playing the game and getting feedback from each other on what they need to work on, whether it be a backhand or a specific way of serving.” Without a captain or formal titles among the team, Kheireddine and Bao Pham ’22 usually lead the warmups and help run practices. The team works hard together and supports each other both on and off the court. 

With several games still to come, Coach Tolfree believes that there is a good chance that they could finish up the season undefeated. And surely, Kent Lions will be excited to watch them continue to grow and succeed for the rest of their season.