Girls JV Hockey Finishes Season Strong


Richie Kendall, Campus Reporter

The girls JV hockey team has fought hard throughout a particularly strong season, as all of their games have either been wins or tightly contested losses by only a goal or two. Led by coaches Klingebiel, Gualtieri, and Varga-Wells, the girls have improved significantly since the beginning of the season. This year’s team draws from an extremely diverse and deep pool of talent. There are many girls who are seasoned veterans, returning for the third year, yet there are also some girls new to the sport. At this stage in the season, the team has found their rhythm, meshing together all their different playing backgrounds into a force to behold on the rink. 

One of the biggest highlights of the season so far was an astounding 8-1 victory over Choate. In this game, senior captain Taylor Jackson ‘20 describes the “team’s camaraderie” and mentions how even those who weren’t playing on the ice were “supporting each other from the bench.” 

The win was a payoff from a lot of hard work both on and off the ice at the team’s daily practices. Kent had attained a 6-0 lead by the end of the first period. Jackson remarks how games like these are why “being apart of the team is so much fun,” in addition to being a “rewarding experience.” 

As the team enters the second half of the season, they are looking forward to big games against Canterbury and Westminster. The team also participated in an all-day tournament on February 22nd to finish out their year. After fighting hard all day, the girls came away with an impressive win after beating Rumsey Hall and Greenwich Country Day School. Keep an eye out for the girls JV hockey team and look for them to end the season on a strong note!