Boys tennis undefeated so far

Oscar Wang, Campus Reporter

On April 16th, Kent School varsity tennis cruised its way to victory against Trinity-Pawling, sweeping 7-0. “It was an expected win since considering the relative strength of each team,” said Head Coach Tom Hunt, but the victory was still a sweet one. 

The team remains undefeated so far this season, posting a record of 4-0 currently. “This year’s team differs from the teams in the past in its unprecedented depth,” Coach Hunt remarked. “Usually there will be a sharp drop off after the number 3 or number 4 player on the team, but 5 and 6 this year are just as impressive if not more than the top.” 

James Padden-Rubin, the number 6 player on the team, puts out dominant performances throughout the season, winning 44 out of the possible 45 games, sweeping his opponent 6-0 in three matches, and 8-1 in a 8 game pro set. The doubles matches are just as dominant as the singles. The second double pair, which consists of Alex LeBlanc and Thomas Parlatore, and the third double pair, which include Jack Peters and Chirstian Coon, are all undefeated. 

Though it seems like a perfect season for Kent varsity tennis, there is still room for improvement, including serving and net play. “If I have to point out our weaknesses, it would be our inconsistent serving. We give up too many free points due to 2-foul serves,” Coach Hunt said. 

That said, says Hunt, “the future looks bright for this team, given the youth of this group. Although we will be losing our top guys, Julian Hoyer and co-captains, Riley LeBlanc and Alex Leblanc, for next year, there are still a lot of freshmen in this team, which means a lot of room for growth.”